FL-1-42 - Ammo Box Foam Liners Stops Rattle

color: Dk. Gray
Sale price$3.59


For lining ammo boxes, the foam liner is a ½" thick and is great for reducing rattle, as well as protecting your bullet points. Each liner is large enough to line MTM Case-Gard ammo boxes from our smallest to our R-100 ammo box. Or, it can be cut in half to fit into two regular 50 round ammo boxes or one deluxe H50 ammo box.

One FL-1-42 will pad:

8 = J-20-XS

6 = J-20-M

5 = J-20-L

4 = J-20-MLD

5 = J-20-LLD

1 = R-100

1 = R-100-MAG

1 = RM-100

1 = RS-100

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