P64-50-10 - Ammo Box 64 Round Flip-Top 50 AE 480 Ruger

color: Green
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This is a stackable, easy-to-grip textured surface fliptop handgun ammo box that holds up to 64 rounds of the "big boys."

Load label included.


For the 500 S&W Mag and 475 Linebaugh Max cartridges, reloaders are using our rifle ammo boxes, the RSLD-50 for 50 rounds and the R-100-MAG for 100 rounds.

The 50GI pistol cartridge will only fit in a P64-50; however, it is a poor fit and once you have fired, you cannot reach the cases within the box compartments. Also, we recommend using FL-1 foam liner kits to eliminate rattling.

500 Linebaugh Max cartridges - The only box we have available to fit these is our rifle box, the RF22-SM. However, unless you use a foam liner, the cartridges will fall out of their dividers.


Cartridges listed will fit bullet UP or DOWN! Most handgun shooters prefer to pick up ammo by the rim of the cartridge. Example a 41 Mag. will be very loose when the bullet is down position in this ammo box.

Holds 64 Rounds

357/44 B&D TC, 41 Magnum, 429 DE, 44 Auto Magnum, 44 Rem Magnum, 44 Russian, 44 S&W Special, 44-40 WCF., 45 Colt, 45 Schofield, 45 Win. Magnum TC, 454 Casull. 455 Webley Mark 2, 460 Rowlad, 475 Wildey Standard, 475 and 500 Linebaugh, 480 Ruger, 50 A.E.,

Max. AOL = 1.88"

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