Locked and Loaded: 10 Tips for Setting Up an Efficient Gunsmithing Work Bench

Creating a functional and organized workbench is essential for any gunsmith looking to perform maintenance, repairs, or modifications on firearms. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a novice gun enthusiast, follow these 10 tips to set up a safe and efficient gunsmithing workspace.

mtm gun vise helping with gunsmithing

(Gun Vise: MTM GVR-30)

  1. Choose the Right Location: Pick a well-ventilated and well-lit area for your workbench. Natural light is ideal, but if that's not possible, invest in quality lighting to ensure you can work with precision.

  2. Safety First: Prioritize safety by installing a fire extinguisher nearby and ensuring there's proper ventilation to dissipate any fumes. Keep your workspace clutter-free to avoid accidents.

  3. Secure Your Work Surface: Your workbench should be stable and secure. Bolt it down if possible, or choose a heavy and sturdy bench to prevent movement while working on firearms.

  4. Organize Your Tools: Arrange your tools in a logical and easily accessible manner. Consider using pegboards, toolboxes, and wall-mounted racks to keep everything within arm's reach.

  5. Invest in Quality Tools: Don't skimp on tools. High-quality gunsmithing tools are essential for accurate work. Invest in reliable tools that will last and perform well.

  6. Use a Gun Vise: A gun vise securely holds firearms in place, making it easier to work on them. Choose a vise that's versatile and compatible with various firearm types.

  7. Parts Organization: Small parts can easily be lost. Use small containers or bins to sort and store screws, pins, and other components, keeping them organized and preventing loss.

  8. Workspace Protection: Lay down a durable and easy-to-clean workbench mat to protect the surface from scratches, solvents, and oils.

  9. Reference Materials: Keep gunsmithing manuals, guides, and reference materials handy. They'll help you troubleshoot, disassemble, and reassemble firearms correctly.

  10. Plan for Cleaning: Dedicate a portion of your workbench for firearm cleaning. Have cleaning kits, solvents, and patches readily available to maintain firearms after your work is done.

Setting up a well-equipped gunsmithing workbench takes time and consideration, but the effort is well worth it. An organized and functional workspace will not only make your gunsmithing tasks smoother but also enhance your overall enjoyment of working on firearms. Remember, a safe and efficient workspace is the foundation for successful gunsmithing endeavors.

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