Affordable Hard Shell Camera (Crate) Case

An affordable Hardshell Camera Case Conversion

When we first released the ammo crates our intention was to provide bulk storage for ammo and other shooting supplies. We quickly realized you can store all sorts of things in an ammo crate.

When we released the ACDC30 in 2022 one person on our team had the idea to use the crate as camera case. And after working with our engineering team and the folks from, we had a pretty cool storage solution.

So far after a couple of months of testing the case has held up great and kept the gear organized and safe while traveling in truck beds, back seats, and out in the field. We have yet to fly with it but believe it could work great as a carry on solution.

If you're interested in converting a MTM ACDC30 into a hardshell camera case with a custom foam insert, message us via the contact page. And in the message box say "ACDC Camera Case help." From there we will help faciliate the conversation with MyCaseBuilder where you can order a custom foam insert.

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I would like to see a version of this for use with Salmon spoons with slotted dividers at the top and 2 more divided slots in the case for a total of 5 dividers to hang spoons from.

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