9MM Buyer's Guide 2023

When I purchased my 9mm, I had no idea what else I would need. While the caliber arguments around handguns are endless, you can use the lessons learned by others to plan what accessories to buy after purchasing a new 9mm. Here are the best MTM accessories to buy that will maximize the use of your new gun.

Note: The numbering doesn’t mean that one is more important than another. 

1. Ammo Storage

With ammo supplies fluctuating in both price and availability storing ammo when you can find it will ensure you're ready when the time comes to fire your weapon. 

For folks looking for an easy, every day carry option for their 9mm ammo look no further than the MTM Pistol Side Slide 50 - 9MM


The P50 also comes in a Flip-Top version.

Looking to stock pile 200 rounds of 9MM ammo? The MTM Ammo Box 200 Round Flip-Top 9mm.

Looking to stock pile 400 rounds of 9MM ammo? The MTM Ammo Rack.



2. Storing your 9mm in a Case on the Go

When it comes to gun cases most people want something functional, sturdy, and scratch resistant. Basically you want to buy one you’ll have for a long time. The MTM 805-40 is perfect for protecting your new 9mm (with barrels 4 inches or less). 


For larger handguns (up to 8.5” barrels) or for storing 2 handguns I’d recommend the MTM 809-40.


3. Storing your 9mm in a Gun Safe

Proper gun storage is an important part of gun ownership. Having a secure place to store your gun(s) is a must especially in home with children. You can keep your safe organized with the use of MTM In-Safe Storage Cases. These are available in 9” and 12” versions.


4. Target practice with your new 9mm

Handguns can be tough to shoot accurately, even at close range, without practice. Practice hitting your mark with the help of the MTM Jammit Target System - Stand - Target Backer - Bird Board Clips.


These are just some of the top accessories we suggest to enhance your shooting experience. Have we missed any obvious 9mm accessories? Got a product idea to help make owning/shooting/storing a 9mm easier? Share them in the comments below.

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