SWS-1 - MTM Shooters Walking Stick Adjustable Field Shooting Rest Black

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Shooters Walking Stick

This shooter-designed accessory is a combination walking stick and adjustable shooting rest. It provides assistance in traversing difficult terrain plus offers a strong, stable rest to shoot from. It is as equally useful to the handgunner as it is to the rifleman. An ideal support for the photographer’s telephoto lens, the Shooter’s Walking Sticks ratchet-type gun hook adjusts to 30 different heights. It is made of glass-reinforced nylon for long life in the field, yet it weighs only one pound.

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1994, 2nd elk season in Colorado, my brother and I were hunting near Pagosa springs. An early 2-3 ft. snow had all but melted except on the shady side of the area @ 9 - 10000ft. I had to traverse a glazed area on a step angle at the head of a draw when I lost footing and slid down hill. Lucky for me and my bad knees, I was carrying one of your Shooters Walking Sticks. I jammed the stick down into the snow between my legs and came to a sudden stop 4 ft. away from a 40 ft cliff and certain death on the rocks below. Had I been using another brand of "flimsy" fiberglass sticks, I fear they would've snapped under the weight. The handle was and is handy for hooking saplings and getting out of steep (deep) situations Thank you for building a great line of (life saving) products.

Sincerely, R. Dickson - 5/30/2005
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